Day 13…..Wednesday.

Today Papa worked at home. Busy on working on his laptop and on the phone for most of the morning. Nana and I chatter again about baby things, all the things you will need, where you will sleep and what you will eat, weaning, potty training, nursery, school, and so many other things. A lot of these things depend on what your father and I decide to do. I have questions as to where we will live, what to do about working so far away from home and so many other things, I feel apprehensive about having these conversations with your father as I know he may see things differently to me. My thoughts turn to the type of cot you should have, along with push chairs, car seat, whether you should have a dummy or not, how will I cope with breastfeeding and……Oh……there is so much to think about and it is all so confusing. I keep telling myself it will all fall into place in the end.

Papa took a break for lunch and asked Nana and I if we would like to go shopping later and have dinner out this evening, if I am not feeling too tired. I had felt ok all day as I had the best nights sleep in what seemed like a very long time. An afternoon nap brightened me up even more and the thought of getting out and about saw a long absent smile return.

Nana and Papa where like kids in a candy store picking out clothes blankets and essentials for you when you arrive. The trolley soon filled up and I found myself putting back packs of sleep suits, because there where so many they wanted to buy for you. Nana and  Papa are so excited, it makes me so happy to see them like this. They are proud of you already and want the very best for you. Nana is very practical, thinking about the easiest way of doing things and the most cost-effective. They are both enjoying the news of your pending arrival and I know they will always be my greatest support and will always give me sound advice.

We had a leisurely dinner and headed back to Nana and Papa’s house. With a cup of tea we admired all the things we had bought for you and I tried on the trousers and shoes I got to wear for work. With the car packed up it was time to go home with the cats and by the time I crawled into bed I was ready for another good nights sleep. I have to go to work in the morning. I am determined that life is going to continue as normally as possible and I will not allow my, now buoyant mood, to be brought down again, I have too much to be thankful for and a world of adventure awaiting us.


Day 14…..Thursday.

I was up for work and out of the house by 8am, singing away to the radio, and happy to have had a reasonable nights sleep. I am feeling so much more relaxed.

I was not sure what I would be doing today or tomorrow, but my first job was to have a coffee with my boss and update him on what had happened over the last few days. He was very happy to hear our news and again said I was to take it easy and if I needed anything at all I was only had to ask.

The day ticked by slowly and by the time I had sat in traffic of an hour to get home, I was tired and ready to sleep. I know tomorrow will be a busy long day, a day at work followed by a night with your father and our friends. After making some toast, and a big glass of fresh orange juice, I soaked in the bath and curled up with a good book and the cats for company, I have no idea what time I fell asleep, but the lights where still on when I woke in the morning.


Day 15…..Friday.

Work was ok today, the new shoes I bought are very comfy and are doing their job, they are flat and soft so are fine when I have been on my feet which seem to balloon within a matter of minutes at the moment. Everyone at work knows our news now, well those I work with on and day to day basis. Everyone has been very positive and supportive and have asked lots and lots of questions about you and how we are doing. Everyone was surprised at how long into my pregnancy I am, as I my bump is so small. Looking at me you might think I had just put on a lot of weight, but I feel like I have ballooned.

I just want the working day to end, I just want to go and see your father, I have not seen him since we left the hospital on Monday and have barely spoken to him either, although I have tried and this is bothering me.

At last the day is at an end and I can head to your father’s house. When I arrive I find your father asleep on the sofa in his dressing gown and he looks like he has been there a while. He seems pleased to see me and once a cup of tea is made he sits down and tells me all about work and the event is his world this week. He tells me how worried he is about his father and his deteriorating dementia and how his mother is struggling to cope. I know he is worried about your Granddad and what the future hold for him. He calls his brother for the latest up date. I suggest we go and see his parents to see how things are and to help if possible, but your father is reluctant, saying he will go and see them tomorrow. As your Grandma does not yet know about you I suggest we visit her together tomorrow so we can break this news, I don’t feel it is fair for her not to know she is going to be a Grandma soon.

We both got ready to go out and have drinks with our friends, your father suggests I drive as it is pouring with rain and we can pick the others up on the way. They are pleased to see us and as always give us big hugs and kisses. they want to know all about the events of the last week and are very pleased to hear that the amniocentesis results came back normal. Other friend joined us later on and the subject was changed, they did not know our news yet. We caught up on all their news as we had not seen them since before Christmas. Your father and the boys went to the bar to get our drinks in, and then disappeared to another pub so the girls could have a good chatter

It was not long before it was noticed that I was not drinking, and the question of why came up. Apart from the obvious ‘I am driving.’ which as I enjoy a good drink as much as anyone else and with your father’s house being just a few streets away, would not have made for a good excuse. The news broke again and with shrieks of excitement, and congratulations, well, that was it, the rest of the evening was taken up with talking about you, telling the story of the past two weeks, and talk of how great this will be for me and your father.

When the boys return they bring with them your father’s brother and his fiance. We are a real rabble now, chattering loudly, laughing joking and enjoying each others company. The boys banter about football and the girls chattering about the boys, babies and you. At the next pub the drinks flowed and I watched on with sober eyes as your father relaxed and became the man I knew months ago, funny, warm and full of energy. One of the boys came and cuddled me up. Telling me how great he thought our news was, and that what ever doubts there are going through your fathers head, he knew he would make a wonderful father and he knows how much your father loves me, he just lacks confidence in himself and he will soon come to realise how good you and I will be for him.

He is so warm, positive and kind. He made me cry, happy tears, and tears which tell him how much I care for your father but also how worried I am, he understands how I feel, I don’t need to say anything. ‘He loves you, he will be fine, I promise.’

As they rolled and I waddled out of the pub in fits of giggles, we made promises to see each other very soon. Soon after I was fast asleep and would have stayed that way for several hours had you not insisted on using my bladder as a pillow!!


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