It is without doubt, the greatest feeling in the world to be told your little boy is bright, clever and very well behaved. Not for a moment do I believe my son is the perfect angle, nor do I think he should be. But in every parents eyes their children are perfect, for at  least five minutes in each day.

After William’s nursery parents evening the other day, I came home feeling so very proud of him. I was told he is bright, bubbly, full of energy and in many of his development areas he is on track or ahead of his peers. Although, he has recently changed age groups and with that, his nursery environment has changed and is full of new experiences, routines, and new playmates, he has settled very well, but is a little quiet on occasions.

To be told Will is doing so well is reassuring. So often I wonder if I am doing the right thing for him, and in so many respects I question and second guess myself. I wonder if this happens to all single parents or just every parent around the world. I guess when parenting as a couple you bounce off of each other and share those worries, concerns and decisions together.


This is not the case for us, and in many respects I fear for the relationship Will has with his father. It is not a normal situation or relationship and I doubt it ever will be, but it is not for the want of trying. All I can do is try and encourage them to build on their relationship, but at the end of the day Will is only two years old and his father has to want to try too. I guess Will is soon going to be able to make choices for himself, and I will respect his thoughts and feelings .

I am wanting shout from the roof tops about how brilliant my little boy is. Tell the world how in the last week he has given up his morning and bedtime bottles and is having his beloved ‘Miwk’ out of a big boy cup. How he loves exploring everything, and the dirtier he gets the happier he is. How he eats anything and everything put in front of him, and is developing a wonderful palette for some of the most unexpected things, like olives, blue cheese and silver skin onions. I believe in letting him try anything, in order that he be as rounded a person as possible. Experience is life.

Sheltering my son from bumps and bruises will not happen, and neither will he sit all day in front of a Tv or computer screen. The snails he finds in our back garden and the sparrow nesting in the ivy on the fence will be as much friends to Will as his nursery, school and college buddies. I want my son to understand the joy life holds for him and I will do all I can to encourage the caring, sensitive nature he has now, and balance this with the thrill of exploration and adventure in everything he does. Will has a positive outlook on the world, and I will protect him from the negativity so many people carry. I am a single Mum, working full time and every moment I spend with my little man is precious. Time waits for no man.

So what magic formula can I use to make all this happen? What hints and tips do I use to make my sons dreams come true? I would love to know………….For now I am content…….. I am doing the best I can……….and my heart sings louder every day, because my son, to me is perfect in every way.