We all know children have a very different perception of the world around them. They see things differently, and in time, they come to understand how the world works and their playful imaginations are taken over by reality, it is a sad fact. I for one would not mind hiding my self away in a wardrobe and pretending I am in a different world for a little while. My imagination is not so very different to that of Williams sometimes.

However, if someone had told me three years ago how my life would be now, I would not have believed them. Simply because I had never allowed myself to imagine I would ever be a Mum, no matter how much I might have wished to be. Nowadays, when I have a moment to let my imagination wonder, it always leads me to Will, and our everyday adventures, and what the future holds for him and my heart glows.

For me today was a day full of positive and negative imaginings. From what Will was getting up to at nursery, and planning our weekend adventures and expeditions, to imagining why I had not had a call to say my Dad was back from having surgery on his knee (a minor op, but still a worry) and what on earth is going on in other people’s heads! And there we have it…….Why, why do we adults worry about things we have no control over and imagine the worst when there is nothing factual to base the worry on? But it is so true that all it takes is a little determination to make what is imagined reality.

Dad’s op had been merely delayed, and what goes on in other people’s heads should not be my consirn. I was right, Will had a brilliant time at nursery with his friends, as he always does and with a little planning, plotting and preparing, we are all set for a weekend of fun.

For Will every moment of every day, whether sleeping or awake is filled with positive imaginings. And at two years old it is a delight.

This evening I took Will to see my Dad (Papa) in hospital. He was waiting to be discharged and although sleepy, he was bright and breezy. Will was a little cautious and unsure of his new surroundings as he should be at his age, but that did not last. Before long he was investigating everything. The tv, Dad’s bed, all the chairs, the table, the dressing on Dad’s knee with lots of care and gentle patting, the iodine on Dad’s leg which apparently was paint that the doctor spilt and the wardrobe. Once the afore-mentioned items had served their purpose, Will focused on the wardrobe in the corner of the room. Removing shoes and other items deemed unnecessary and in his way he proceeded to chatter while clambering onto a low shelf and shutting the door.

I had to take a peek, ‘what was he up to?’ Nothing, he was just standing there grinning at me, but very firmly told me ‘No, Mummy’ and promptly shut the door on me. Another peek, No, Mummy!’ and on the third time I found him rubbing both hands over his head, I asked him what he was doing ‘Are you going to find a lion in there?’ knowing full well he would not understand the reference of course, ‘No Mummy, Shower!’ That was me told!

I love the fact the smallest of things spark Will’s imagination. It is the simplest of experiences will shape his personality and the person he is going to become.

There have been a few occasions recently when I have questioned what is in his imagination and what he has seen. Last weekend while having a lazy morning with milk in bed with me, Will sat bolt upright, dropped his bottle and pointed down the landing towards his bedroom and said with a smile on his face ‘Lady’. A little taken aback, and just a little freaked, I asked ‘Where?’ ‘There, there lady!’ ‘Oh, No Will, there isn’t a lady there’ ‘Yes Mummy, Lady’. Getting out of bed and toddling down the landing and to the stair gate he pointed down the stairs and said ‘Mummy, Lady down there’

Now I was rather shocked, I joined Will at the top of the stairs and found of course, there was no one there. Will and I returned to my bedroom and continue with his milk and chattered about what we where going to do that day. Will loves books, so the next job was to find a story before we got washed and dressed for the day ahead. While standing at the foot of my bed with his Bing book, Will looked at the fireplace and said ‘Hello lady’ and watched something or someone move from one side of the room to the other and out the door. Will followed it and standing at the bedroom door said ‘Bye, bye lady, bye bye’

So was this Will’s imagination or something he saw? I don’t know, but what ever it was it has happened several times since. What I do know is, the mind of a child is an incredible thing and I believe we do not know what our imaginations are capable of. We will never know unless we are encouraged to use both in everything we do everyday, even as adults.