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Today we have had a wonderful day. It is true, the little things in life can be such a big adventure for such a little boy.

I was determined today would be spent enjoying as much of the fine weather as we could. Will woke at 6:30, (there is no such thing as a weekend for him) and while snuggled in my bed with a big bottle of milk, I asked him if he would like to go to the swimming pool to have a splash. It has been many months since we have been, and this has been playing on my mind, I want Will to always be happy around water, but to learn the respect it needs from an early age. Will seemed rather keen to get going after he had helped me put our swimming bag together.

As we arrived at the pool Will giggled and grinned from ear to ear. He made friends with the lady at the desk and pressed his nose against the window watching the children and parents in the water. Once in the changing room he was a little quiet, thoughtful even, he sat on the bench, watching everything that was going on, while I got changed and helped him into his swimming nappy, shirts and t-shirt. The walk out to the pool was tentative, Will was cautious holding back just a little. Once in the water however,it took less than five minutes for him the think using me as a life buoy was not entirely necessary. My sons laughter in infectious and the greatest tonic. He can light up his face with a glowing smile and in an instant you glow too, from the inside out. My son is not afraid of water, he loves it. We had so much fun splashing, kicking, and dunking under what was actually quite cold water, Will loved it all.

Once we had played enough and we where suitably prune like, we headed to get changed. This is a process I have always hated. Wether with or without Will, getting dressed after a swim is a pain in the knicker clinging bum. But we got through it and while I hunted for our none existent hair brush, Will played a game of ‘hide my juice in the lockers’. We left the pool happy and contented, although I looked a little like I had been hit by forty volts.

My plan for the rest of the morning had been to take Will to a beautiful walled garden, which is lovingly cared for by volunteers, but the sign on the gate said we where and hour and a half early. No matter, knowing the area as I do we headed off for a walk in the sun, well, I walked, Will was pushed. It was lovely, the birds where singing, the squirrels (birrel, as Will calls them) where busy running around and there was no end of dogs taking their humans for a walk. We headed into the woods, where the bluebells where adding thier final flourish to the end of spring. It was peaceful, tranquil, and very, very welcome, and Will missed 90 percent of it. His swim had worn him out and he was fast asleep. He missed the field we pass every morning where the farmer has covered his crop to protect it from frost, and Will shouts ‘Snow’ every time he sees it. He even missed chattering to the horses he waves to as he passes in the car.

Back at the garden the gate was open, and Will was woken by children shouting at ducks on the ponds. We headed to the conservatory, ordered tea for me and juice and chocolate cake for Will, he promised to share! How very civilised and relaxing it was. By the time we were ready to leave the garden was busy with families and couples enjoying the hard work the volunteers had put in after the winter, it was beautiful. Will streached his legs and found daisies to put in my hair and mud to wipe all over my top!

Why is it when the sun shines and the weather is warm it makes us feel tired? Surely it should energise us. Anyway, we came home and Will headed off to bed for a snooze, although it lasted little more than a few minutes. With all the housework done in the morning, I just wanted to chill out in our little garden. We found pots, spoons, trays, trucks and lots of water and bubbles to play with and by the time our tea was ready Will looked as though he had been down a mine. It is messy work playing. There are bugs to chat to, bees to watch, plants to water, and mud and compost to dug in. Having tea outside was a great idea, although it did get in the way of some serious mud pie making.

By the time it was bath time Will was more than tired and had it not been for the fact that his bath water had solidified I am sure more splashing, pouring, dribbling and drenching would have taken place.

It was an exhausted water baby I kissed good night, and by the time I had made a big cup of tea and sat down, Will was in the lad of nod.