Posted to Facebook: 13th, June 2015

While shopping with my little man, the inevitable desperate need to wee often comes over me.

Now more often than not forward planning is needed particularly when going somewhere new. Where are the loos and how do we get to them? No problem with that. However, nowadays there are more questions that need answering…….do the ladies loos have a large cubicle in which Will’s pushchair will fit? or do I have to leave him alone outside the cubicle, or do I take him out of the chair and leave all our shopping and bags outside. More often than not the latter is the only option, and this can come with interesting consequences.

This afternoon such dilemma came upon me. After a frantic search for the ladies, having checked the baby changing room and the disabled loo to find they where not duel functioning, we found the ladies loos. Will showed off his cute little bum to every passing women, was very quickly whisked into a vacant cubicle and sat on the floor, while I breathed a deep sigh of relief.
The next thing I heard was a women in the next cubicle scream! Then shout ‘ Oh my God’. I looked down to find Will had disappeared to the waist and was tugging hard on the now hysterical women’s trousers.
Extracting my son, tucking him under my arm, shouting ‘I’m so sorry’ I ran out of the ladies, picked up our shopping basket and headed quickly for the farthest till.
Will preceded to giggle at every women he saw. Thank God I changed Will before hand.

Today: 7th May 2016

I remember very well posting this account on my Facebook page back in June 2015 when Will would have been 26 months old. He had managed to find his feet at the time and was walking very well, although in order to get under the cubical partition he did need to adopt his tried and tested commando crawl.

It is not the case nowadays, now he moves with lightening speed and is able to get into all kinds of mischief in a matter of moments.

Today we saw a return to the old question of what to do with Will’s pushchair, shopping and bags while we where in a ladies loo. Again I resigned myself to abandoning it all just outside and attempting the world wee speed record. This is becoming second nature!

Will is becoming interested in all things bodily and as normal he vocalizes every thought that pops into his head. Today was no exception. With one hand on my knee, his head tilted to one side, he pointed and shouted as loud as he could ‘Mummy, Weewee!’

The washing of hands is not a problem for Will. If he has an opportunity to get wet he is there in a heartbeat. Drying his hand is another matter though, Will really, really does not like hand driers, they are just too loud. So a little white flannel in his changing bag has become the perfect solution.

While I dried my hands, Will paraded himself in front of the mirror and sent himself kisses, Well, he did look gorgeous in his new shorts, t-shirt and cap. But in a split second he had gone……five feet away to his left and was bent double peering under a cubical door and shouting ‘Lady, Weewee’

The customary ‘I am sorry’ naturally flowed as it has done so many times in the last two years, was then followed by our now perfectly choreographed escape.