Welcome to the Wonderful World Of Will. My name is Claire.

This blog is intended to tell the story of William. My beautiful, bright,bubbly, mischievous little boy, who is now a very boisterous two year old.

William was born in April 2014 and he was the biggest surprise of my life.

Having lived on this planet for almost 40 years and having spent best part of 25 years understanding and being resigned to the fact that I may never have children of my own, I found out all my dreams had come true at 25 weeks pregnant! Yep, William was one very big surprise.

Will arrived at 35 weeks, which meant there was little time to prepare for his arrival. So often women have said they wished they had had such a short pregnancy, but I felt robbed. My short pregnancy was not the happy, exciting adventure it is for most women, for a number of reasons. In short, I became a single Mum-to-be two days before Will arrived (hence his early arrival) and I knew Will would have to go through major surgery just hours after his birth. A stressful time, but happily one we saw each other through.

This blog is not about the past though. It is about a little boy who has brought sunshine and smiles to me on the a daily basis since the day he was born. In this modern world of social media I have from, time to time, (well, maybe once or twice a week) shared stories, photos and videos of my adventures with Will. Friends have commented on how much they have enjoyed my posts and how great they would be in book. These kind words got me thinking……..something I do from time to time. How about a blog which captures Will’s World. A diary if you like of those moments in life you never want to forget. The good, the bad and the down right funny moments which all parent will relate to.

So join in, please comment and share. I hope you enjoy The Wonderful World Of Will.