Is it me or do all toddlers have a resemblance to Charlie Chaplin?

Will is in need of a growth spurt. He is at that point where 18-24 month clothes are too small and 2-3 year olds are just too big.

Recently, Will and I traveled with my parents to Southampton. A long 250 mile car journey is enough for most adults let alone a two year old, but experience told me Will would travel very well. Armed with DVD player and a wide range of 2 year old super hero’s like Iggle Piggle and Bing, plenty of snacks, juice and the most favored of toys. We picked Will up from nursery before hitting the motorway.

Will had been having great fun playing in the rain in his coat and wellies, jumping in puddles and popping bubbles with great enthusiasm. But all that splashing had meant a change of clothes and then a second change after lunch, when he decided that wearing his tuna pasta bake was preferable to putting it in his tummy. My son was dressed in nursery spare clothes, long sleeved vest, t-shirt and jeans, and looked very cool dude, and very much like a little hippy.

Settled in the car, Will chattered and sang his heart out, watch his dvd’s and happily munched on an apple. Approaching our normal halfway stop my tired little man started to dose off to sleep. In hushed voices we adults concluded it would be better to stop now, have something to eat and then Will could sleep for the rest of the journey.

So as to not unpack the boot of the car to get the pushchair out, I carried Will into the service area and he walked to the cafe, and having decided what we wanted to eat, we headed to the ladies to get Will changed. It is a rare thing, to find a baby changing room which also has a toilet but that is another story!

I had thought the jeans Will had on where loose and as we walked back to our table he became an even cooler dude. With a low slung waistband, he proceeded waddle, showing off the Mickey Mouse on the back of his nappy, (the girls love that, apparently). Sat at the table, Will was far to interested in watching the world go by to eat, and the two little girls playing with the toys in the play area required his attention. Off to play he went, with a tight grip on the front of his jeans.

Happily playing along side these young ladies, Will was in his element. He was chattering, laughing and batting his big blue eyes, and this attention seemed to be having the desired effect, as they shared the toys together nicely. The play area was contained in a low fence, which meant we could see what was going on inside.

The girls decided to leave, get a drink and sit with their parents for a while. Will objected, and hotly pursued the girls to their table. The wooden gate swung open, and Will waddled as quickly as his little, now denim engulfed ankles, could carry him. All he needed was a bowler hat and a cane and the Chaplin impression would have been complete.

If only, if only he hadn’t tripped on his now invisible feet, only 3 feet away from the girls, and their now rather amused father, with his bum in the air, and nose planted firmly on the tiled floor,……..He could have had that second date!

It was only when we returned from our trip away, and while catching up on the mountain of washing I realized the jeans Will had been wearing where size 9-12 month….so, so much for sizes!